World Records

A world record can be established in any category at any official event.

Our current world record holders are:


Category Time Name Department Location
Individual Open 1:15.29 Ian Van Reenen Oakville Fire Team levitt-Safety WCXXV (Montgomery, 2016)
Female 1:48.41 Juliet Draper Colorado Springs (CO) Tyler, Texas 2006

Female 40+


Carla Penman

North Vancouver

WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)

Over 40


Jamie McGarva

Westshore Terminals / Delta

WCXXIII (Phoenix 2014)

Over 45


Russell Krasnesky

Team Cellucor McKinney

WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)

Over 50


Al Ertzner

Fort Calhoun Fire

WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)

Over 55


Al Ertzner

Fort Calhoun Fire

WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)

Over 60


Cyril Fraser

Halifax Fire

WCXXV (Montgomery, 2016)



Cory McGee

Whiteman Crash Fire Group

WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)

Category Time Team Members Location

Co-Ed Tandem


Farmerfighter / Fit by Fire

Claude Belanger, Amber Bowman

WCXXV (Montgomery, 2016)

Female Tandem


Fit by Fire

Amber Bowman, Carla Penman

WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)

Male Tandem


Honey ‘n Oatmeal

Cory McGee, Ryan Fitzgerald

WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)

Over 40 Tandem


The Antique Roadshow

Russell Krasnesky, Matt Tavaglione

WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)

Over 50 Tandem


Old Blood And Guts

Al Ertzner, Tommie Osborn

WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)

Over 60 Tandem


Cyril & Steve

Cyril Fraser, Stephen McAleer

WCXXV (Montgomery, 2016)

Over 65


Not Done Yet

Bill Pietrantonio, Jesse Walker

Virginia Beach, VA 2016

Category Time Team Members Department Location
Team 4:04.85 Ian Van Reenen, Shaun Henderson, Darren Van Zandbergen, Dave Walker, Matt Longwell Oakville Fire Team levitt-Safety WCXXV (Montgomery, 2016)
Male Relay 1:04.00

Todd Vannatter, Geronimo Ontiveros, Casey Collins, Brad Carlsen, Jay Carter

Carlsbad Fire Powered by Big Rig Tools WCXXV (Montgomery, 2016)
International Team 4:09.24 Ryan Fitzgerald, William Gates, Russell Krasnesky, Matt Harvey, Matt Tavaglione Team U.S.A. WCXXV (Montgomery, 2016)
Over 40 Relay 1:11.26

Tony Soler, Tom Clasen, Al Ramos, George Bridges

Isopure 40+ WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)
Over 50 Relay 1:17.55 Al Ertzner, Richard Lesniewski, Tommie Osborn, Thomas Hamberger No Guts No Glory WCXXIII (Phoenix 2014)
Over 55 Relay 1:21.11 Duane Cheek, Randy Kalan, Al Ertzner, Bret Yundt, Cyril Fraser Over 55 North & South Old Fire Hounds WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)
Female Relay 1:39.59 Irena Elmstrom, Jacqueline Rasenberg, Cheri Ardoin, Jacqueline Palmer Golden Girls WCXXIV (Montgomery, 2015)

Updated: October 26, 2016