2019 Firefighter Combat Challenge
Engagement Program

For the 2019 Season we're looking to encourage more newcomers to compete in the Combat Challenge.

New Relay Teams

A new relay team for 2019 will be defined as a team that has more new competitors than veterans.
For every new relay team, the first run this year will be free. Please register specifically as a new relay team. New relay team members count as new for their first run in 2019 only.

Individual Runs

For every new competitor that runs the full Challenge, a registration credit will be earned by the coach/mentor that brings the new competitor out.  Make sure to indicate new competitor status to receive credit for it, as well as to be considered in the new GNC Category.


There will be a new GNC category for Rookies that have not run before 2019. Make sure to let us know if this is your first year running the full Challenge (running the Relay or Tandem previously
will not keep you from running as a new Individual.)