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Enter either a final time or a split time (in seconds) from a certain point in a race.

Calculations with a final time under 30 seconds are not supported:

Finish Time:
(total seconds)
Time to the top:
(total seconds)
Hoist completed:
(total seconds)
Tower exited:
(total seconds)
Keiser completed:
(total seconds)
Through serpentine and nozzle picked up:
(total seconds)
Hose drag and target hit:
(total seconds)
Move to and pick up Randy:
(total seconds)

Finish Time: 120 seconds or

2 minute(s) 0 seconds


Start to the top of the tower: 0 minute(s) 17.7 seconds

Finished the hose hoist: 0 minute(s) 29 seconds

Out of the tower: 0 minute(s) 46 seconds

Keiser forcible entry complete: 1 minute(s) 1 seconds

Nozzle picked up: 1 minute(s) 16.4 seconds

Target knocked down: 1 minute(s) 27.7 seconds

Randy up: 1 minute(s) 35.1 seconds

Course complete: 2 minute(s) 0 seconds

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