My son Chris lost his seven year battle with drug addiction yesterday.

I’m writing this letter for multiple reasons. As I stood next to my son’s hospital bed, I found myself asking why, how, and what is the next chapter. What I believe in my heart, is that God has a purpose for all of this….to make a difference in other people’s lives and to help them so that they can avoid going through this same type of tragedy.

I didn’t let many people know about my son’s story. I was embarrassed for him and didn’t want him prejudged. I was embarrassed for myself, questioning what I could have done differently as a father to help him make the right choices. Because of that embarrassment, I didn’t allow the power of the Challenge family to help me in this journey.

As our extended family, we should use that power to make each of us stronger and be able to learn from others’ experiences. We should feel like we are able to conquer any situation if we come together. We don’t always know what is happening in our brothers’ and sisters’ lives as they step on that course. We are in the business of helping people in perhaps the worst day of their lives. We need to also be able to help our brothers and sisters in our Challenge family during their difficult days too.

I now know one purpose for all of this… if Chris and my story can touch anyone and help them realize they are not alone and they have people they can turn to, there will be meaning in this tragedy. My son Chris was 23 and full of so much promise. This will be his purpose.

Psalms 23:4