The Exhibitor Relay Competition at FDIC 2012

The FDIC Exhibitor Relay will be Wednesday afternoon, April 24, 2013.

Download the info PDF here.

Schedule of events:

3 PM- On-course registration
3:30 PM - On-course briefing with Ron Beckman - all exhibitor competitors
4 PM - Exhibitor Relays

There is a $250 registration fee. 100 percent of which will be donated to the Courage & Valor Foundation.

Register For The FDIC Exhibitor Relay Here!
*For the regular Challenge Relay registration, please click here.

The event begins at the base of the tower, after the siren sounds. The first competitor must run up the tower with the high-rise pack, depositing it in the box at the top landing. Next the competitor will hoist the donut roll of hose up to the top landing and deposit it in the box.  The competitor must then head back down the tower, touching every stair with their feet for safety purposes. Then the competitor must use the shot mallet to drive the Keiser force machine 5 feet. Next the competitor must follow the arrows around the delineators until reaching the charged hose line. The hose line must be dragged 75 feet through the saloon doors and the target knocked down with the water stream. Finally the competitor must drag the Rescue Randy 106 feet along the carpet until it's heels cross the finish line.

All teams consist of three to five members, team's choice. All participants should have a helmet, gloves, and laced up shoes. A Scott AirPak will be provided to each team member, so it is advisable to wear a fleece or thick shirt to prevent chafing. The team divides up the course as they wish, passing a baton between them when switching the active member. Information about baton pass points can be found at this link. All members must be present Wednesday afternoon, starting at 3 PM, to sign the waiver to compete. There will be a seeding round, followed by a bracket system that will run down until the fastest team is left standing.

The Exhibitor Relay follows the rules of the Firefighter Combat Challenge Relay. Those rules are available to view here.

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